CELTA : Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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-CELTA stands for: Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages . The certificate is accredited under the auspices of Cambridge University in The United Kingdom.  It has sound recognition worldwide and opens up a host of professional opportunities to those who possess it.

- As the first centre in France to offer the CELTA, ILC France-IH Paris has been running courses for a number of years, providing trainees with proven techniques for teaching English as a foreign language to students of all nationalities. A major feature of the CELTA course is that it combines theory with hands-on practice. At our centre, the morning seminars cover methodology including the latest approaches to language teaching, and the afternoons are dedicated to teaching practice, in which trainees learn to apply their new skills in the classroom.

- As the course is extremely intensive, candidates usually find that they are unable to practice their French and really enjoy the Parisian way of life during their stay. We advise you to arrange your trip so as to allow a few days before the start and at the end of the course, so that you can see the sights and make the most of your visit to this wonderful city.

- To obtain the certificate you need to have successfully completed the training course (see Assessment)

We hope to see you at ILC France-IH Paris very soon.
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If you are interested in doing the C.E.L.T.A at ILC France-IH Paris, you need to fulfill the minimum requirements and complete the following steps:

1) Send in the completed application form and pre-interview task by email or post.

The application form can be found in " Downloads".

2) Upon receipt of your application, we contact you to arrange an interview with a teacher trainer. Candidates can be interviewed by telephone if distance prevents you from getting to our centre. If the interview is successful, candidates are offered a place on the course.

3) During the interview we consider your language awareness, your motivation and your aptitude for teaching. 
The fee for the interview is 100 € and is deductable from the total fee if you are accepted on the course. 
The cost of the C.E.L.T.A is 1 895 € (fee applicable from 1st August 2016 to 31 st December 2018).

If you are offered a place on the C.E.L.T.A course at ILC France you must pay a deposit of 875 € within 7 days of receiving your letter of acceptance in order to secure your place on the course. The balance is to be paid before or on the first day of the course. Please note that the course fee is not refundable unless the course is cancelled. 

Payment details and information on cases for funding can be obtained by phone on:
00 33 1 44 41 80 20 or by  e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (go to "contact" )

You are required to do a total of 6 hours assessed teaching practice teaching a minimum of two different levels. Teaching practice takes place in the afternoon. For each TP group there is a maximum of six trainees per tutor. We organise TP so that you teach most afternoons. The classes you teach have up to 16 adult students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The teaching is shared between the trainees, each teaching a given number of minutes while the others and the tutor observe. Group feedback takes place after the class.

CELTA Format
You need to be here at our centre in Paris daily from 9.00 to 17.30. There is set work to do every evening and every weekend throughout the course. The mornings are devoted to input in the form of workshops and seminars. In the afternoons there is Teaching Practice (T.P), feedback and preparation for the next day's teaching.

  • The set-work to do outside of the course timetable includes lesson planning, assignment work and also short tasks in preparation for upcoming seminars
  • At the end of week one candidates have a short individual tutorial to focus on progress. There is a second, fuller tutorial at the end of week two.

The assessment is continuous and integrated. "Continuous" means that assessment takes place throughout the course. "Integrated" means that each assessed component contributes to the overall grade and that any one assessed component can cover a number of topics and objectives in the syllabus.
There are three components which are assessed:

  1. Teaching practice
  2. Written assignments
  3. Professional development

At the end of the course, candidates are awarded either a PASS A, PASS B or PASS grade. For more information on the grades please refer to the syllabus which can be found on the Cambridge ESOL website 

CELTA reading

To undertake the CELTA course it will be helpful for you to have access to reference books. 
Teacher Trainers at ILC France - IH Paris strongly recommend acquiring at least one book in each colour category as a long term investment. 
Recommended books

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